2019-07-21 Sunday

Workshop on "Startups Ecosystems"

Al-Quds Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship at Al-Quds University held an educational and training workshop on "Startups Ecosystems" in collaboration with Eummena and with the support of the Community Resilience and Development Programme (CRDP), in the presence of the President of Al-Quds University, Dr. Emad Abu Kishk and a number of his deputies, in addition to a group of local and European experts in the field of modern and advanced technology and startups, as well as students and faculty. The workshop aims to create an appropriate environment for entrepreneurship, raise awareness about the latest topics in technology, and connects students with local and international experts in the field of entrepreneurship. As well as, educating students and researchers about the fields of startup projects in data science and artificial intelligence in the medical field and the uses of modern technology. The workshop included several panel discussions on the leadership, technology and ecosystem of startup companies. Al-Quds University is working to promote the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship through the development of academic programs, and theoretical and practical courses that cover these concepts that lead to a real change in the areas of leadership and creativity. The establishment of Al-Quds Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Jerusalem is the first of its kind in transforming scientific research into economic projects, which reduces the phenomenon of unemployment through creating jobs opportunities for the younger generation, and opens wide prospects for students in this area through academic partnerships and research with the oldest universities and centers around the world.