Project description

SMEs are considered the core of the Palestinian economy because of their fundamental role in the process of economic development. The interest in SMESs has become a target for many developing and industrial countries alike, due to the ability of these projects to contribute and increase GDP and economic growth of the country. Therefore, the cooperation between the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the Palestinian businesspersons working abroad came out from their interest in the subject of youth in order to reduce their thinking of migration, reduce unemployment rate, and enhance the role of entrepreneurship in the country ... Young people suffer from several problems, which are not limited to the problem of funding, but the need for guidance and technical assistance that guide them how to start a successful and sustainable project. Therefore, the thought of guidance, support, and the provision of minimum funding is the starting point in the right path to build entrepreneurial and successful projects.

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Basmaa project comes as an initiative of the Turkish-Palestinian businessmen to support the Palestinian youth. This initiative is led by:
  1. Palestinian businessman in Hungary, Mr. Mazen Al-Ramahi
  2. Palestinian businessman in the UAE Mr. Malik Melhem
  3. Chairman of the Turkish Palestinian Businessmen Union, and the head of Basmaa Program, Mr. Mazen Hasasneh

Vision of the project

In order to build the new entrepreneur generation, we need to build small development projects, which strengthen the link between the Palestinian man and his homeland.

Mission of the Project

The mission is to develop ideas of the Palestinian youth through developing their capacities in the field of entrepreneurship, protecting their national identity, and encouraging creative and beneficial thinking of the community. It establishes entrepreneurial projects for them. In addition to creating a positive working environment, achieve youth professional excellence, or find professional leaders with a strong cultural and scientific awareness, this person must be qualified to face the challenges. This leads to enhancement of the idea of self-employment and self-reliance

Expected outputs from the support of the Basmaa project initiatives through the grant:

  1. Increase employment opportunities for young graduates
  2. Strengthen the concrete partnership between Palestinian businessmen in Turkey and the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  3. Promote female participation in Palestinian businessmen initiatives in Turkey
  4. Provide access to the labor market for the unfortunate (male and female), especially the children of martyrs, wounded prisoners, Jerusalemites and children of workers in the education sector
  5. Provide opportunities to open projects and employ a large number of graduates that contribute to the employment of young people