Mission & Vision


Provide the best industrial and technological resources to Al-Quds University participants through its labs and infrastructure.
Promote entrepreneurial thinking and practice as major drivers of economic empowerment.


Al-Quds Center for Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship (B-CITE) aims to position itself as an excellent option to provide support and guidance to the entrepreneurs of Jerusalem community, particularly to Al-Quds University graduates. B-CITE also aims to stand out as a leader in the business entrepreneurship environment at the international level.
B-CITE at Al-Quds University will continue to be recognized as an innovative business incubator and entrepreneurial academy. We will provide our participants with high level of assistance that exceeds their highest expectations. Our people and the organization will come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow their new startup.


1. Qualifying the pioneers and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas to pilot projects by integrating them with research groups.

2. Offering specialized and advanced skilling training programs that contribute to the economic growth of the city.

3. Employment of modern technology in the development and expansion of various economic sectors through the introduction of productive projects under the supervision of university researchers.

4. Commercializing Al-Quds University research projects.

6. Providing jobs in the technology sector through professional training and E-working system.

7. Developing technology innovation Labs that supports business incubator with advance technology labs, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, smart technology, artificial intelligence, and innovation Fab-labs.

8. Developing the SMEs Training courses that support the SMEs with the required trainings and development programs for helping them in increasing their market sizes, value chains, and develop their businesses according to the global trends.

9. Providing entrepreneurs and researchers with the support to develop their startups through incubator programs, including seeding fund, training, mentoring and acceleration.